Sacramento Helvetia Verein
    From our Bylaws:

    About the Sacramento Swiss Helvetia Verein
    This Swiss organization shall be known as SACRAMENTO HELVETIA  VEREIN.

    The headquarters of the Verein shall be located in the City and County of  Sacramento, State of California.  

    The purpose of the Verein is to cultivate friendship and sociability among its members, maintain and
    strengthen understanding and appreciation of Swiss  heritage and provide comfort and aid in sickness and at death.
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Our Club is a Non-profit Fraternal Organization uniting Families' with Swiss Heritage in the Sacramento area

Application Fee $10 / one time fee
Our Annual Dues Fee is $36/year
Our fiscal year runs: January - December.

It is an active club, meeting monthly and sharing annual events throughout the year.  We encourage active membership, although you are
welcome to participate as much or as little as you wish.  The more you get involved, the more you get from the club. We think you will enjoy
the community.

Step One:
Fill out the membership form by printing the link above.
Step Two:
Mail completed form with application and dues' fee check to:  
SHV - 2nd floor / Sacramento Turn Verein
Attention Sacrament Swiss Membership
3349 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816  
(Note: Mail is picked up once a month at the Turn Verein, so please be patient)

OR - Contact the Club's President or Financial Secretary - their information can be found on the website's Officer page. They will invite you
to our next meeting where you will bring them your completed paperwork and $46 check.  

Once a member
1. You are welcome to attend our monthly social meetings followed by a light supper
2. You will receive a seasonal
Yodeler Newsletter
3. Email notifications will arrive
4. The Club's Website is continually updated so please check it each month and be sure and ‘Like’ the Sacramento Swiss Facebook as
another means to keep in touch.
5. You will also be invited to all our Seasonal Annual Events.

The more events you attend and the more you volunteer, the more you will 'feel' like you're a part of something. We encourage you to
become a working part of the Swiss Club because we would love your participation and we feel you will learn more and meet more people
along the way. “You have to be a part of it to feel a part of it”  But of course, you are welcome to do as much or as little as your schedule