Sacramento Helvetia Verein
Sacramento Swiss Men’s and Women’s Club
3349 J. Street
Sacramento, CA 95816


I request admission as a member to the
Sacramento Helvetia Verein
And pledge to obey the rules and regulations.


NAME_____________________________________________________ PHONE__________________________

Swiss related to or married to_____________________________________ Do you visit Switzerland often?__________
                                     (Name of Swiss Parents, Grandparents, Spouse)

Are you applying for Benefit or Social Membership?  Date of Birth___________ Place of Birth________________
                                         (Please Circle one – see back for details)

See Back For Details:
    Application Fee $___________ + Prorated Dues $___________  = Total Due: $ _____________

Where do you or your spouse’s relatives live in Switzerland? ________________________ Canton_____________

Current Address:________________________________, City_________________________ Zip______________

Email Address:_________________________________ Recommended by________________________________
                                                                      (Sacramento Swiss Member’s Name or Website)

How active would you like to be and what would you like to gain by being a member of the Sacramento Swiss Helvetia
Verein?  We would like your fresh ideas – what would you like to see the club provided and/or what can you provide?  
Share your thoughts with us. (Example: You yodel, you play an instrument, you love to cook and would like to help, you
can provide event space, etc)

Your Signature____________________________________________________ Date________________________


Our Fiscal Year runs January 1 – December 31.  
Each year your due’s payment should be made no later than February 1. ($24/year)

Please read more details and requirements on the back.


Membership Fiscal Year runs February 1 – January 31

Application Details –

1.  An applicant must be 17 years old, be of Swiss origin; or a descendant of Swiss parents or grandparents; or married
to a current member with Swiss heritage.

2. He or She must be recommended by a member of the Sacramento Men’s and Women’s Helvetia Verein or if you
found the club on the web, then you can be introduced by our president once you’ve filled out the application form.

3. BENEFIT MEMBERSHIP: Applicants 17-44 years old become benefit members and will be eligible for sick and death
benefits.  They must be of good mental and physical health and questions regarding their health are listed below.  
Benefit Members must apply by application then approved and installed in person at one of the Sacramento Helvetia
Verein’s meetings with membership approval.

4. SOCIAL/SUPPORTIVE MEMBERSHIP:  Applicants 45 years and older, or become members via spouse will become
social members and are not entitled to sick and death benefits. An applicants younger than 45 years may request to
become a social member only.  Social Members must also apply by application but do not have to attend a meeting for
approval.  They will be contacted once their application is approved.    

    Application Fees
    To become a benefit member the application fee is: $20 (plus annual dues)

    To become a social member the application fee is: $10 (plus annual dues)

Annual Dues
Annual dues’ notices are mailed each December and are required to be paid by February 1 each year.  

New Members: Once your Application Fee is paid, your New Member Annual Fee will be prorated if you apply later than
February. Otherwise your first year’s due of $24 will be due with application.


Only Benefit Member Applicants must fill out the following:
Benefit members will be entitled to weekly sick benefits after a waiting period of six months from the date of initiation.  
Therefore, the following information is requested from applicants 17-44 years old.

                                            Please circle one:
1.  Are you in good health?  Yes            No
               2.  Are you now under medical care?   Yes         No
                                                                                           If Yes, please explain:

I understand that false information will result in loss of benefit rights.

Your Signature _________________________________________________________Date__________


Thank you!  Complete Form and Send with application fee to:
President Anita Kassel
SHV President
c/o Turn Verein
3349 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
or copy and email to


If you have questions don't hesitate to email us at