Sacramento Helvetia Verein
    Sacramento Swiss Men’s and Women’s Club
    3349 J. Street
    Sacramento, CA 95816


    I request admission as a member to the Sacramento Helvetia Verein
    and pledge to obey the rules and regulations.

    Please fill out and mail completed form, application fee and membership fee to:
    Atten: Sacramento Swiss Membership
    SHV - 2nd Floor/ Sacramento Turn Verein
    3349 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 96816

    OR - you may contact the SHV President or Financial Secretary (phone and email located on Website's Officers'
    Page.  You will be invited to join us at the next meeting.  Please bring your completed form, application fee and
    membership fee with you - give your paper work to the President or the Financial Secretary when you arrive.


    NAME_____________________________ PHONE________________ EMAIL____________________________

    Date of Birth______ Place of Birth________________Are you or our parents/grandparents Swiss?____________

    If Yes: Please explain

    If No:  You must then be married to a member or applicant of the Club.  Spouce's name: ____________________

    Do you visit Switzerland often?_________  We are interested:  Where and how often?______________________

                            Family Origin in Switzerland - Cities and Cantons - We will try to get you acquainted with others from the area.

    How active would you like to be and what would you like to gain by being a member of the club?

    What would you like to see the club provided and/or what can you provide?

    (Example: Do you yodel, play an instrument or love to cook? Let us know how you can pitch in and add to the club's success)

                                                 Application Fee $ 10+ Dues $ 36  = Total Due: $ 46

    Your Signature______________________________________________ Date________________________

    Our Fiscal Year runs January 1 – December 31.  Each year your dues' notice will be sent by January 1 and full pa
    yment is due no later than the first weekend in February  ($36/year)

    Application Details –

    1.  An applicant must be 17 years old, be of Swiss origin; or a descendant of Swiss parents or grandparents; or
    married to a current member with Swiss heritage.

    2. He or She must be recommended by a member of the Sacramento Helvetia Verein or if you found the club on
    the web, then you can be introduced by our president once you’ve filled out the application form.

    Application Fee is:  $10
    Annual Dues are $36 / year


    If you have questions you are welcome to contact the club's general email at:
    or contact the president or financial secretary personally.