February 2024

Congratulations to our board for 2024! We truly appreciate all the hard work that the members put into our club, with returning officers Karleen Darr, Franziska Froriep and Gabi Wackerli and returning Trustees Margaret Trivett and Sara Martinez. We'd also like to congratulate out new President Peter Kassel and Vice President Monica Zapata-Kraft and our new Trustee Mike Darr. Thank you to everyone that attended, we have really wonderful events coming up this year thanks to our activities committee, we look forward to seeing everyone a lot this year!

Jass and Kafichränzli will be cancelled for February, in order to allow members to attend the UC Davis basketball game. The next Jass and Kafichränzli will be March 16, 2024.

We have a wonderful opportunity to support some Swiss in Davis coming up! February 17, come out to Ruhstaller Farm for lunch with some delicious Swiss specialties, and then watch some basketball and cheer for Nico Rocak as the UC Davis Aggies take on UC Riverside. Lunch starts at 11:30AM, the game will start at 2PM. Check out the flyer below and sign up on Eventbrite by clicking HERE. We hope to see you there!