April 29, 2014 Annual BBQ Picnic
in Nelson Grove, Woodland, California

On a lovely Spring morning volunteers prepared
for the 91 attendees where delicious BBQ ribs and
chicken were served with salad and home made
baked beans followed by fresh berry dessert.  

Walter Grob played his accordion and welcomed
us with wonderful Swiss music The wine and beer
garden was a popular spot and this year's raffle
table was filled with wonderful prizes.

To top off the beautiful day we had the talented
Art Brogli there to add more entertainment.  He
was a good friend of Lisa Ward Dilliar.  It was nice
to remember our talented member, Lisa who
passed away just about 8 months ago.

To sum up this year's Annual BBQ Picnic,  
it was a wonderful, relaxing and happy day!
April 29, 2014
Annual BBQ Picnic
Nelson Grove,
Woodland C