Fondue Night
Betty and Ferdi Morant
Fondue Night - 2009
Swiss - 2009
Fondue Night
26th Annual Metzgete Photos, November 7, 2009
160 members friends and family all enjoyed this great annual Fall Event.
26th Annual Metzgete, November 7, 2009
A Metzgete - cochonnaille in French - refers to the old rural tradition (by
no means Swiss only) of slaughtering a pig in winter and then making
every single bit of it into some sort of pork product - cuts of meat, paté,
sausages, charcuterie. Even the blood is used for black pudding
(Blutwurst,  boudin noir) or, for example, in the sauce of a pork fricassee.
By extension, a Metzgete meal consists of several different pork dishes.
Restaurants that offer a Metzgete during the winter months are still
relatively few and far between around Switzerland
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