Sacramento Swiss
Heritage Club
Swiss in Sacramento
Swiss developed
John Sutter started
the city "The New
Helvetia", now known
as Sacramento,
    Services, Support, Meetings and
    Social Activities, Summary
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PURPOSE of the Club:  

    To  cultivate friendship among its members and to maintain and strengthen Swiss heritage, the
    Verein will hold festivities of patriotic and social character.

    A  regular meeting of the Verein shall be held on the first Wednesday of each month.

    A  general meeting shall be held annually on the first Saturday in February for the purpose of electing officers, annual reports of
    officers and committees and transaction of other business.
    A  “Book Committee” of three members shall be appointed by the President at the January meeting, whose duty it shall be to
    audit all ledgers and records of the Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Trustees and submit a written report at the
    general meeting in February.

    Other committees, standing or special, such as the "Social Committee", shall be appointed by the President as the Verein or the
    Executive Board from time to time deems necessary to carry on the work of the  Verein.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of
    all committees.

    Annual Festivals open to the public include Spring May Picnic, Summer Dinner Dance, Fall November Metzgete and a Winter
    December Christmas Party.  Lots of music, lots of food and lots of fun!   
    A special meeting may be called by the officers of the Verein or by written request of seven members in good standing.

    A  permanent “Sick Committee” consisting of the President, Vice President and Financial Secretary shall take care of all
    business relating to disabled members as established in the Bylaws.